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Steve Swanson

"David Newby's taken away the excuse of 'money and finance is too complicated' from people's stepping up to be rich..."




'Why Didn't Anyone Teach Me This?'

- Foreword and Introduction


Foreword by John Ulmer


David Newby had a dream. Like everybody, his dream was to make a better life for himself and his family. David knew that there were as many ways to make that happen as people trying. Long work days, entrepreneur ventures, corporate ladders, buying lotto tickets are the traditional ways to pursue one's dreams. The approaches David knew were very different, but the dream remains the same. All dreamers seek something better.


David knew that working for someone else would make reaching his goals difficult. Normally, you can scrape by while building someone else's business, but to really make it big, David knew he had to taka a big leap of faith to do it on his own.


He knew at a young age that setting goals was not enough. He had to write his goals, review them morning and night. This spunky kid from Detroit, Michigan, began reaching out to others who could help him reach his dreams. He sought assistance from people and groups who could help him climb to a greater level of success.


I am fortunate and proud to be one of his mentors. I recall my first contact with him. When I experienced David's relentless pursuit of excellence first hand, he convinced me to admit him into my elite one-on-one life-long mentoring program. From the start, I observed in him the qualities of a determined winner. It is rare for such a young man to possess these qualities, but I was not to judge David. I was there to move him to a higher level of success. His leap of faith had begun through real estate investing, backed by his personal faith and that of his family.


David Newby's accomplishments are chronicled in this, his first book, for which I am honored to write his foreword and introduce him to the world.


David has continued to grow and expand his business success, which has impacted his financial growth. More importantly, he has helped countless numbers of people over the years to reach their personal financial goals.


You see, David's ladder of success is built on strong principles of helping others to achieve their goals. David's knowledge transcends his age and his net worth reflects his achievements, not just on paper but in real life.


After seeing David realize his dreams of making a better life for himself and his family, it's easy for me to reflect on his amazing success. I can value his goal today to reach out locally, nationally, and worldwide to help others achieve their own success.


So, this book is for you if you are ready to make the big leap of faith towards your own success. If you're now ready to fulfill your dreams, you have picked up the right book to set you on course. Congratulations to you for this choice and I encourage you to read on. Your financial destiny is in your hands.

                        John Ulmer

                        National Authority on Buying &

                        Selling Single Family Homes.

                        Consultant, Speaker, & Author

                        Backed by over 5000 Real Estate Deals          

                        ( )






   Hi! My name is David Newby. As a child I was so hyper that doctors told my mom to put me on Ritalin; I stuttered a lot and wet the bed until age 10. We lived on welfare in my formative years; my mom, brother, and I survived on $503 a month.

   We moved 46 times by the time I turned 17 (mostly to hide from my brotherís dad who tried to kill our mom), and my mom had three husbands while I grew up. The only constant in my life for many years was change. I was a bully as a kid and have sat in the back of a police more than once. I got laid off from my first full time job at age 23 and lost my second job after two years. Not exactly the picture of success, is it? No, itís not.

   But I overcame all those obstacles. I succeeded in spite of them. I utilized the fact that I got laid off at such a young age to decide to make myself layoff-proof for life. And you can utilize whatever obstacles youíre facing right now to drive you towards your own success. 

Startling Facts About Your Money 

   Youíve been programmed for failure with money and finances your whole life, and you probably didnít know it. Itís not your parentsí or your teachersí or your relativesí fault. They taught you the best they could. But if you look at the average personís finances, theyíre not that good. I figure you bought this book because you want to do better than average, and I commit to help you with that.

  In this book, Iím going to share with you some startling facts about money and how you can get more of it. Iím also going to show you ways to make it grow rapidly and safely, and Iíll show you ways to make your money work hard for you so you donít have to keep working hard for money.

   Most importantly, Iím going to show you ways to protect the money you already have and all the money youíll ever amass in the future. Sounds good to you? Whatís the point of amassing a fortune only to have it stolen by some jerk who sues you?

   I can almost guarantee that if you take action and implement what you learn in this book, you will become wealthy. How can I make such a guarantee? Simple: If you do what the rich do, youíll have what the rich have. Do what youíve always done, and youíll get the same results youíve always gotten.

   I youíre going to live, why not live richly in every area of your life? I have no interest in ďjust scraping byĒ and neither should you! Being rich begins with a choice. Are you willing to commit to your own success now? If you are, then youíre reading the right book. I donít claim to have all the answers, but I do have a blueprint for success that anyone can follow. Again you WILL become wealthy using the strategies in this book; that is, if you donít let you fears get the best of you.

Learn the Tools to Become Rich

   After reading this book you will have the basic tools necessary to become rich. Iíll expose secrets the rich  use to get wealthy.

   Youíll learnÖ

  • The five most dangerous trends facing your finances today
  • Why following conventional wisdom is making you poor
  • The good, bad and ugly truth about consumer debt;
  • How to make yourself layoff-proof for life;
  • How to live the life you always wanted but didnít think you could afford;
  • The simple steps to build wealth faster than a speeding bullet
  • How to protect your wealth now and for your familyís future generations.

    Before we get to the good stuff on getting richer, itís important that you understand how messed up our finances are in America. Once you know how severe the problem is, I trust youíll be motivated to do something about it in your own life like I was.

   Once you know thereís a problem, then you can create a solution and implement it. Iím sure youíre ready to implement your own solution to ensure the prosperity of your life for you and your family, so letís get started and get right to the heart of our problem weíre facing in America.





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Discover some of the key financial benefits you'll get from David's exclusive yet simple to implement 6-step formula for financial freedom found in "Why Didn't Anyone Teach Me This?"  From how to ensure your prosperity in ANY economy, to the #1 mistake you're likely making that is costing you $1 Million or more and how to fix it, and much more...





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