Rock Solid Financial Group 3-Yr Vision

Below is our company vision for what our business will look like in 2011. We are committed to helping people retire in 6-12 years or less so they can live their dreams full-time using our personally customized 8-step financial system.

Key: PPS= Prosperity Power System (, ISR= Insider Secrets Revealed report (, PPH= Prosperity Power Hour monthly group coaching call, book is "Why Didn't Anyone Teach Me This?" ( Charities: CCT= Center for Community Transformation, Nejat= NejatTV, CCF= Christian Children's Fund, FocNFam= Focus on the Family


Vision Summary: our vision is to create a $32.6Million/month business making $12.5Million/month net profit. From this profit we will give $4Million to charity every month (32% of net profits). The $4Million/month we invest will be used to create a Trust that will support charities that 'teach men how to fish' to empower them for multiple generations going forward.


We are committed to serving our fellow man by empowering you to maximize every asset you have at your disposal to live abundantly in every area- financially, physically, and spiritually. As we help you fulfill your plans and dreams, we know that our vision above will come to fruition. We are excited to be a key part of your winning team, and here are some ways you can join us in fulfilling our vision:


1. Commit to excellence and superior service to your fellow man in all you do.
2. Create your own 3-year vision for yourself. (create one FREE at
3. Decide to be a Leverage Master and master your finances like the ultra-prosperous. If you haven't already, start by downloading our 'Leveraged Asset Solution' Report here.
4. Learn more about the charities we support and see how to get involved:
  a. Center for Community Transformation- Christian microfinance group in the Philippines that gives business loans to poor people who don't qualify for bank financing to start their own business. (Give conveniently with a credit card and get your tax deduction by donating to CCT at
  b. Nejat TV- Christian TV station sharing the message of Christ ('Isa' in Arabic) to Muslims in the Middle East via satellite broadcast.
  c. Christian Children's Fund- they provide medicine and pay tuition for children in 3rd world countries to attend school.
  d. Focus on the Family- a charity that supports strong families- the central unit that holds all societies together- all over the globe.


Until we meet again, remember to leverage all you've got to get ALL you want. Now go out and prosper in a powerful way!



To Your Most Abundant Life Now,

David R. Newby

David R. Newby


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